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Feature Items

Swagman Vagabond Trekking Pole

Swagman Vagabond Trekking Poles •Internal shock absorbing system. •3 section micro adjustable telescoping extends from 28 to 55 inches. •Lightweight T6 6000 series aluminum. •Ergonomic handle and adjustable wrist band. [more]

Louis Garneau Versant Snowshoes

This high-performance backcountry snowshoe’s anodized aluminum frame ensures toughness and lightness as well as multidirectional traction for all types of terrains and snow conditions. The Contact Pro harness is equipped with the dual BOA mechanism for a secure and customized adjustment without… [more]

GV Mountain Trail Alligator

For budding snowshoe enthusiasts, these models offer enough features to assure you of having fun for a long time. The snowshoes design offers great flotation in all circumstances. Features: Alligator Harness:The new Alligator harness is designed to let you fully enjoy your sport, with quick and… [more]

Louis Garneau Mission FL Snowshoe Poles

The ultra light and stiff carbon composite shafts on the Carbon Light are ideal for hikers and backpackers who demand the highest performance with lowest weight in three-part poles. The molded grips and padded straps offer continuous comfort and support while providing stability in uneven terrain. [more]

Louis Garneau Blizzard II Snowshoes

Designed for backcountry hiking, this high-performance snowshoe perfect for steep ascents and access to summits. The light and sturdy aluminum frame offers proven ergonomics for a natural stride and optimized surface area with great snow shedding capacities. Stainless steel crampons ensure… [more]

Louis Garneau Summit Snowshoe Poles

The Summit FL Pole is an adjustable telescopic pole with an ergonomic grip. The aluminum shaft is both ultra-lightweight and sturdy to handle multiple seasons of trekking. [more]

Louis Garneau Massif Snowshoes

The Massif Snowshoes feature the easy-to-use Boa mechanism that is winter-proof and mitten-friendly for easy on and off as well as adjustments. Perfect for day hiking, the carbon steel crampons and fixed pivot system provide traction and stability. Available in men sizes 930 and 1036, and women 822… [more]

Louis Garneau Trekking Baskets

Small baskets for trekking poles and nordic walking poles. [more]

Louis Garneau Climber Bag

Carrier bag perfect for 1 pair of 926-930-932 adult snowshoes and 1 pair of 616-717 junior snowshoes. [more]

Louis Garneau Powder Baskets

Replacement round deep powder snow baskets for Louis Garneau snowshoe poles. [more]

GV Aerolite

Designed for the advanced recreational user who wants a very lightweight yet durable snowshoe with high performance features to take on any challenge. Snowshoes geometry offers great flotation in all circumstances. Features: AreoLite Frame: All our frames are made of top quality, lightweight… [more]

Louis Garneau Tip Protectors

Tip Protectors for Louis Garneau Trekking Poles. [more]

Louis Garneau Robson MT 2 Snow Gaiters

These water-resistant gaiters allow you to continue hiking or trekking despite the weather. The front hook and loop fastener closure makes it easy to slip on and off, and the ergonomic fit and rigid piping at the bottom prevent infiltrations. Adjustable tapes at calf and ankle compress the calf for… [more]

Louis Garneau Felix II

Tech Fun, colorful and reliable. That's how we describe the Felix II, the snowshoe that will have you struggling to catch up to your young ones in the trails. With the Felix II, they've got a great tool to spend more time outside and develop healthy lifestyle habits. Give them the chance of… [more]


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